Router Woodworking

Router Bits For Wood Will Rout Plastic. The spiral tool is solid carbide, ground for boring, expensive and loves plastic. The other two tools are WKW carbide on steel, each with a carbide boring point for blind or through cuts. Dull cutters are a safety risk. Use only new tools on plastic if you are just beginning.

My first router CD is available now (7/04/2001) in Word (97-2000), html, and PDF. The short practical guide includes many important techniques and methods about routing. I also address some of the not so common router encounters such as how to rout MDF and plastic.

The CD is a quick and practical reference to routing and routers, not a chaptered encyclopedia. There are pictures for each topic to help you better understand the content. The photo shown here is taken directly from the CD. There are four categories in this one: Router bits, Router tables, Methods and Routers.

Available only on the "A Routing Outing" disc for an additional 10$ (30$ total). Email for table of contents if desired.

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