Router Woodworking

Routers are tippy. Most of the mass of these machines is above the control knobs. On inside excavations this top heaviness is unnoticeable, especially when the casting is entirely surrounded x substrate. However, on the end, edge or corners of the work, where routers spend most of their time, their tipsiness can be appreciated. You can't control them. There's always less than 1/2 the casting on the work and when you take a right angle turn that number falls to <25%. You're supporting the other three fourths of the tool in the air, 7 pounds of the typical 10 pound router! Precise work is hit or miss. Add an offset subbase and you're in control. Moreover, you'll be on the safe side of the yellow line.

A grip on the offset triangular section of my subbase will keep the tool flat down on the work especially as you pivot around corners. Its transparency will make it easier for you to see the cutter, the edge of the work, & watch the cut in progress. Moreover, you'll be able to anticipate the start/stop since you can see your scribe lines through the plate. The offset knob can also be used as mooring to wind up your power cord.

My offset subbases are ~12mm (.47 - .50") thick Acrylic and will not deflect. On any router, no matter how far out or off the substrate/templet, expect zero flex from my offset plate; it will not bend. Should you accidentally drop your router, expect it to land on the subbase. As tough as it is, it will still probably chip from the impact. The kinetic energy of the crash, however, will be absorbed by the plastic and screws and transfer very little force to the casting. Expect your casting to survive. I've dropped 7518's without calamity.

I designed each plate for the castings listed below; one size does not fit all. For a given casting (router) there are 2 plate choices. One for precision templet collar guide work, the other with a 1.75" through cutter hole for general trim and inside cuttings. This plate is supplied with 82 or 90 (metric) degree countersunk screw holes. The collar plate has been milled for PC/DW collar guide bushes. The screw holes for this subbase are counter bored for flanged socket, button heads. As such, the plate is precisely center-able* and supplied with an optional precision centering ring and pin for this purpose. The ring & pin are part of an accessory package that includes 4 pliers' covers, a neoprene wrench sleeve and a cushioned T-Allen wrench, (the "Kit").

The 1.75" hole plate is a 30 second installation. The collar plate might take 60". The .500" pin is tightened in the router collet, the ring is snapped into the plate and then fitted to the pin. The subbase screws are driven home; the plate auto-centers precisely & without ambiguity. All of my subbase plates are completely machined and ready for work, supplied with all hardware & instructions. S&H are included in the purchase price.

Picture Captions

1) Along the edge, end or corners of your work, my offset subbase will put you in control.

2) DW 621 collar plate with its accessories. The centering pin (.500 x 2.75") is in the collet, wrench sleeve deployed, pliers' covers at work, the Tee-wrench at rest, and the precision ring at the ready for its next alinement.

3) To center, start the subbase screws (leave loose), press the ring in the counter bore over the pin, tighten the screws, done. Note unbustable Allen flange heads in chamfered counter bored screw holes.

4) A typical offset subbase. Each one made for its respective casting. At ~.5" thick, expect no deflection.

Ordering: Email ( or call 760-747-2623.

For a purchase: Email or snail mail: Router make/model numbers, type of plate (large hole or PC/DW collar ), select Kit or Base Plate without accessories, shipping address, telephone (optional).

1) Offset subbase x 1.75" cutter hole for fixed base castings: $34

For DW plunge castings x 1.75" (618, 621, & 625): $50

2) Collar/Bush Offset subbase Kits for fixed base castings (Screws, wrench sleeve, pliers covers, precision ring & pin, and cushioned Tee-wrench): $68

3) Collar/Bush Offset subbase for fixed base castings with screws and no other accessories: $42

4) Collar/Bush Offset Subbase Kits for DW plungers 618, 621, and 625: $80

5) Collar/Bush Offset Subbases for DW plungers 618, 621 and 625 with screws but no other accessories: $55

6) Extra plates or kits: Subtract 10% (from the additional stock only).

Product available for the following tools**:

*Centricity within + or - .002", typical if your collar guide flange diameter is within 1.373" - 1.375" (A PC/DW spec).

**Not for Dee handled castings or plungers except for DeWalt.

See oversized Precision Round Plate link for routers not listed.

Payment: Check, money order or cash to: PAT WARNER 1427 KENORA STREET ESCONDIDO CA 92027-3940

No third party money handlers.

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